Happy Valentines Day Bangla SMS 2018

Happy Valentines Day 2018 Bangla SMS (ভ্যালেন্টাইন ডে – ভালোবাসা দিবসের বাংলা এসএমএস) is available on this post. We have collected too many Bangla Love SMS, Propose SMS and many other SMS for celebrating Happy Valentines Day 2018. Most of the people over the world like Bangladesh, India and some other countries. Valentines Day Bangla Love SMS is very important for the users who talk in Bangla. The people, who talk in Bangla, can send Valentine wise to their lover. Here are the latest valentine Bangla SMS collections for you. Just use the below SMS to wish on the Valentines Day 2018. 

Happy Valentines Day Bangla SMS 2018:

14th February celebrates Happy Valentines Day all over the world. Every people send Valentines Wish with their mother Toungh. So, the Bengali people need to wish via Bangla SMS. So, if you are a Bengali, You can choose a Bangla Valentines SMS 2018. 

Adar ghorer bati tumi chader o hasi
Amar cheye tomay ami onek valobasi
Josna rater tara tumi moner akaser chad
Tumi amay valobeso diba nishi rat.

Tumi Prothom Sokal Ekaki Bekal Bela.
Govir Rate Sopne Ase Koro Pramer Khela.
Tumi Amar Valobashar Misti Sitol Haoya.
Tumi Amay Aktu Khani Suye Dile Onek Khani Paoya.

Diner Shuchonay Chay Tomay. Rater Jhochonay Chai Tomay.
Boro Beshi Valobashi Ami Tomay. Ak Mutho Prem Jodi Deo.
Ak Prithibi Sukh Dibo. Ai Tomake Apon Kore Nibo.

Tomar Jodi valo lage vorer oi akas
Tobe tumi shur milao pakhir misty gane
Tomar Jodi valo lage megla oi akas
Tobe tumi mon ke vasao meger velay
Tomar Jhodi valo lage rater oi akas
Tobe tumi hariye jao oi tarar melay
Tomar Joodi valo lage Sudhui amay
Tobe tumi Chupi chupi janiye deyo Tomar isharay..!

Nodi chay cholte, tara chay jholte
Amar ei mon chay, moner kotha bolte
Ki… Bolbo ? I love u.. Do u love me ?

Pakhi bole… ‘Dhorona amai ”
Gach bole… ‘Ketona amai.. ”
Ful bole… ‘chirona amai.. ”
Mon bole… ‘vengona ami..
R Ami boli… “vule jeo na amay”

Vabchi ami vabchi onek mone porcena
Keno aj special din bojha e jachchena
Accha, tor jonmodin ese geche aji
Shuvo jonmodin janai toke hatacchara paji!

Tumi amar valobasa tumi amaar pran
Tumi amaar ekla moner misty oviman
Tumi amar chokher vitor acho bristy hoye
Dhorar buke bristy hole tomay mone pore
Aj khub besi mone porche tomake
Jani ghum hobe na raate.

Tomar ek Chokhe Roder Akas, Onno Chokhe Caya,
Tomar Jonnu Buker Vitor Barce Sudhu Maya,
Ridoy Jure Tomar Jonnu Sopno Rasi Rasi,
Amar Ceye tomay Ami Besi Valobasi.
Happy Valentines Day!!! 

Bidhi Tumi Toh Sob E Jano. Jano Moner Kotha.
Ajo Toh Pelam Na Amar Bam Pajorer Dekha.
Je Amay Valobashe Pase Thakbe Sarati Khon.
Je Amay Valobashe Ranggiya Dibe Amar Vhubon.
Bolo Na Bidhi Tar Dekha Pate Ar Koto Khon.

Lekhok Hote Hole Kalomer Jor Lage.
Rajniti Bid Hote Hole Golar Jor Lage.
R Sotti Korer Premik Hote Hole Moner Jor Lage..

Best Valentines Day Bangla SMS 2018:

Too many Bangla Valentine’s SMS collections are available for you. Every people want to send a special wish to their lover or favorite person. According to do that, the user must need to have the latest Valentine SMS Collection. How can I get these? It’s very easy. You can send these any one Valentines Best Bangla SMS 2018. 

Khuje deko moner maje, aci ami sopno seje.
tomar oi choker tarai, hajar o sopno ase darai.
shuker sei sopner maje.pabe tomi amai khuje.

Sunecho tumi ekti kotha
Ajke naki “Valentines day”
Kine nebo shundor ful
Tomake dite, ami korbo nato vull
Full hocche valobasar protik
Ei somoy deyai sothik
Happy Valentines Day

Ovuj duti moner miilon er nam valobasa
Tomake niye jhoto sopno asa
Valobasar rong diye sajiya rakhbo tomay

In the conclusion, we are ready to inform you that we have latest Bangla Valentines Animation and Bangla Cards are available. You can get these free from this site. So, stay with us and get your necessary collections.

Valentine’s Dress 2018 - Best Valentine Day Dress 2018

Valentine’s Day Dress 2018 is very important to Celebrate Happy Valentine’s Day 2018. We’ve suggest you some Valentine Dress 2018 in this post. After researching more, we have collected these example dresses for you. Especially these Valentines dress for her. Boys can wear any dress to celebrate the day. But, girls need to wear special dress. It’s increase the relevancy on the celebration day. Your dress will carry your personality and also preparation to celebrate the date. Best valentines dress collection 2018 will help you to make a decision. Just you will get concept about the dress and matching quality. Most of the man/boys give extra priority to girls/women’s dress. So, an attractive valentine’s Dress will attract your favorite person. It is also true that, with a Good dress, you will receive too many propose on the Valentines. 

So, always try to meet with your targeted person on a secret place. Secret place mean not on a Room where only you and your favorite person. We recommend you to visit these place where visit couple only. Specially, on the Valentine days, most of the park and restaurant show houseful. So, visit these advance to meet with your lover. 

Happy Valentines Day Dress 2018 Latest Collection:

Some latest Valentine Day Dress collection is available for you. To celebrate the day, You need to choose a best dress. Most of the Boyfriend sends a dress as Advance Valentines Gift to their Girlfriend. You can also do this now in advance. The below collection’s are for you. 

Best Valentines Dress 2017 for her:

These Valentines Dresses are for Girls. With these Dresses, your girlfriend looks well! You can buy a new dress like this sample for your GF. Price isn’t played any matter on love. If you are a girl, you can buy one to surprise your lover on the valentine day.


If you need any more collection of Valentine's day 2018, Please visit our Category Page and select Category which you may like. We hope you will be pleased with our Valentine collection 2018.

Valentines day 2018 History

Valentines day 2018 will provide something new to the Speial Person especially. Celebrating on these Valentine's Day 2018 with Unlimited Romance and activity. Valentine's days have some parts which need to participate day by day. The whole complement of Valentines carries a week for celebrating. All the Step people can celebrate Valentine's day like to Friends, Girlfriend-Boyfriend, Husband-Wifi or New a New Marriage Couples. Now we describe details about the Happy Valentines ay 2018 its relevant work which can make a life more and more interesting.

What is Valentine's day?

Valentines Day is a symbol of Love. It will increase the love with your targeted person absolutely.  Valentine's day carries a love letter with a Red Rose to the person he or she likes. In per Year, the Valentine Day celebrates on 14th February. So the 14th February is known as the Happy Valentines Day. This year The Valentines day will celebrate on 14th February 2018, Sunday. This day will participate by worldwide with amazing thinking.

When did the Valentines Day Start?

 A large number of people think that the Valentines day is Roman Festival. At the times a young man drew a name of a woman in a Jar. Since then, it participated as the rest of the Festival. In the middle ages, young men and women drew each other, name on the bowl for participating the Happy Valentines Day. They explain that The Todays Valentines day is the part of those celebrating. The Roman believes that the Valentines the is the Upgrade version which started with them. Some the people kiss directly because they couldn’t write their name on the bowl.

Research shows, In 1531, The King of England, Henry, 1st Declared about the Valentines day. Till now, unlimited confusion is available about the Day. From the days till now it continued celebrating.

Valentines Day 2018 Ideas:

There are too many plans available for participating the Valentines Day 2018. The Valentines Week mainly starts from 9th February 2018 with a Chocolate day and it will continue a Week. Everyone makes a pre-plan for Celebrating the Happy Valentines Day 2018 with more Happy-ness. Do you have a plan for Valentines Day 2018? If no, make a plan now! Please remember that Time and Tide wait for none. So, don’t waste your times. It is the best time for you to make a Valentines day Plan creation.  Check the Online about the Top classiest people Valentines Day celebration Schedule. Which system they follow and which work they do or did to participate Happy Valentines Day 2018.

Happy Valentines Day 2018 SMS:

SMS is the attractive part to celebrate the Valentines day. Maximum people have multiple Girlfriends or Boyfriends. So, normally, It is not possible to communicate directly face to face with all the Girlfriend or Boyfriend in a day. But, He or She can send an SMS to their dearest person. If they send the same SMS it may not cause any Problem. We have a huge collection of Happy Valentines Day SMS on the SMS Category in this session. You can check and select the best one or multiple to participate the Valentines day.

Valentines Day 2018 Gift Card:

The Gift card is another physical gift for celebrating the Valentines Day 2018. It will increase your Love 100% on this Valentines Day if you provide a Gift card to your Girlfriend or Boyfriend. Every people want to receive something new from their Dear persons. If it is unique, it may work as positive to make a relationship more interesting. We highly Recommend you to provide a gift card to your Girlfriend or boyfriend on this Valentines Day. We have too many new items, gift card design. You can choose a new design a purchase a gift card from your Nearest shop for your Important person.

Happy Valentines day 2018 eCard:

If your girlfriends or boyfriends out of near you, You can send him or her an eCard as a gift for Valentines Day 2018. The eCard is using an alternative as a Gift card. The Difference of between gift card and eCard is Direct version and Online Version. The Gift card can be purchased at a low cost, but an eCard needs to pay the maximum cost. It is very easy to collect a gift card from the nearest shop, but an eCard can purchase from an online shop or you can create a custom design. 

Happy Valentines Day Wallpaper, GIF, and Image:

HD Wallpaper, Image and GIF Image play an Important role in participating the Valentines Day. In the year of 2018, You can use a Wallpaper, Image or GIF with a Gift card or eCard to send your Girlfriends or boyfriends. How to get the New HD Wallpaper for Valentines Day 2018? It is common question ask by maximum people. Now we will provide you the exact information with better concepts of Happy Valentines Day 2018 HD Wallpaper, Image or GIF. You can collect more Image from our Image Gallery, Where we have a lot of HD Image for this Valentines. We have added Rose Image HD Wallpaper for Valentines Day 2018, Bird Image, Natural Image, River Image for Valentines Day 2018.

Animation for Valentines Day 2018:

The animation is very Important for Valentines Day for this Online (Internet) Communication day.  A large number of people currently using Multimedia Mobile Smartphone and Laptop, Tablet or Other Devices with Internet Connectivity. They can easily send an Animation Wallpaper to their  Dear and Near person any times from anywhere via Email or Multimedia Messaging Service. It is fully Free! Download the Top Class Animation HD Image from our Site. It will do strong, your Love and make an extra attraction to your lover.

No more word on the Valentines Day 2018. If you face any problem with collecting the Valentines Day SMS, Valentines Day Gift card, Valentines Day eCard, Wallpaper, Image or GIF, Please Inform us Now via comment. We will try to solve all of your new and exciting problems regarding with Valentines Day 2018. Thank you for staying with us.

Happy Teddy day 2018 Image, Greetings, Wish

Every year 10th February celebrate Teddy Day. Teddy Day or Teddy bear Day is the Fourth Day of Valentines Week. On the Teddy day 2018, most of the lover will wise their GF/BF with a Teddy bear. Red and Cute Teddy is the Main gift of Teddy Day. If you are not in the location of your lover, you can send a Teddy day Image 2018. So gifting a Teddy is never out of fashion and neither a bad idea ever. So, we recommend you to collect some best Teddy image from Online. You can also send a Teddy day wise 2018 with the Teddy gift. 
We have made this post for all the users who are looking for Best Happy Teddy Day 2018 Images - Pictures - Happy Teddy Day 2018 Pictures, Teddy Day 2018 Images, Teddy Day Images, Happy Teddy Day Images and Happy Teddy Day Images 2018. The entire search Query is available in this post.

Best Teddy Day 2018 Image:

Happy Teddy Bear Day Wish 2018:

Here are Teddy Bear Day Wish 2018 available. You can send these Teddy Bear day Wish 2018 to your Lover, Husband or Wife. Just Choice a best Wish and send it on 10 February 2018.
You always live within me,
You always laugh within me,
And makes me happy and smiling,
You always gives me a soft and
Touchy feeling just like a lovely teddy.
Happy teddy day.

Last teddy day was so special for me,
This was the day I met you,
This was the day I said you,
I love you,
Happy teddy day.

 I am gifting you my teddy
Having a big heart stuffed in it,
Take care of it, as it is not a teddy,
It is my heart.
Happy teddy day.